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Everything you need to know about Eyelash Extensions from a Certified Eyelash Extension Tech  
What are Eyelash Extensions?

Lash extensions are semi-permanent fibers attached one by one to the natural eyelashes to enhance eye appearance by adding length, volume, and curl. Made from various materials like silk, mink, or synthetic options, eyelash extensions are meticulously applied by professional lash technicians to ensure a natural and seamless look.

These extensions are designed to mimic the natural lash, creating anything from a subtle, mascara-like effect to a more dramatic, wide-eyed appearance. Perfect for those looking to enhance their beauty routine, lash extensions offer a durable and convenient solution, eliminating the need for daily mascara application and providing a consistently polished look.

Lash extensions are semi-permanent, meaning they can last several weeks before requiring a touch-up, coinciding with the natural lash growth cycle. They are ideal for the modern professional or beauty enthusiast seeking a long-term, low-maintenance solution for a fuller, more captivating lash line.

1. It's a very luxurious process.

Really-it's enjoyable. You lie down in a bed and close your eyes for an hour and a half while calming music plays in the background and a technician attaches little feathery nothings to your lashes. It's the most socially acceptable nap time a working adult could ask for. 

2. Every lash Extension experience is customizable.

When you're done, you will not end up looking like you just got a permanent strip lash attached to your lid. First, you can choose your length. Most salons will carry extension lengths from 9 to 18mm (or from natural to Kim K length). The most natural length is between 10-12mm.

After you pick your length, pick your curl. A "B" curl is for a more natural, awake look, while a "DD" curl is a more dramatic look. If you want to get creative, you can do "B" on the inner corners of your eyes and "C" on the outer edges for a more cat eye look.

Now, in terms of material, you have a lot to choose from: Faux Mink, Silk, Real Mink, and Real Human Hair. The differences between these looks are negligible so go for Faux Mink (it's most affordable.

3. Eyelash extensions last longer than you think.

With proper care, lash extensions can last up to a month and a half. Most places recommend you come back every 2-3 weeks for a touch up. To prolong the life of your lash extensions don't use oily products near your eyes.

4. Yes, you can wear makeup with them.

If you can't stand the thought of ditching your smokey eye, don't worry , you don't have to. Only liquid-based eye products can be damaging to the extensions, but you can get away with tiny wing of liquid liner as long as you're not dragging it along the lash line. Make sure to carefully remove the shadow or liner with oil-free makeup remover and Q-tips for precision. Most importantly only use extension safe mascara.

5. The only way to get rid of them is to get them professionally removed or have them fall out naturally.

Having the extensions removed is as easy as having them put on-painless and quick. Every salon will have this service available. If you're not looking to spend any more money, however, the extensions do fall out with the natural shedding of your lashes. This is a much slower process, but it's $free.99 so there's that!

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